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  • Big Week on the Farm

    In April 2017, VWT’s Ruth Hanniffy was invited to appear on ‘Big Week on the Farm’ to discuss the pine marten live on RTÉ One! This year the show was held at the Shalvey family farm in County Cavan. In the weeks leading up to the live show, some pheasants were killed within an enclosure on the farm, and part of Ruth’s role was to determine whether the enclosure could adequately keep out a carnivore, in particular a pine marten.

  • Nature’s Keepers

    An animal that tips the scales at just 6g and that flies silently at night poses challenges to those humans who attempt to study, conserve and capture it on film. But, this feat was achieved in the summer of 2014 when the Trust, and the lesser horseshoe bats it protects, were invited to participate in a film about Irish wildlife called ‘Nature’s Keepers’, the focus of which was to highlight the people who study and conserve the fauna and flora of the island and its surrounding waters. The final one hour film was recently screened on Australian television.

    Director Cécile Favier and cameraman Frédéric Menissier of Films Concept Associés for Ushuaïa TV spent one day and night with Kate learning about how the Trust undertakes its work of managing roosts for the lesser horseshoe, the results of this can now be seen on our websites.